LINE sticker, Twin Angels

LINE sticker “Cupping Angels”

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LINE sticker “Cupping Angels”, the mascot character of GetShowR@Q

has finally been released.


The original design was rejected when I submitted it naked,

So I had no choice but to put some clothes on them.


Part of the proceeds will be used for tree planting and donation.

I would be happy if you could purchase and use it.


The set includes 40 stickers such as “Meditating”, “Yoga” and “Oh My Angels”for daily use.

In addition, “Toipu Tenchan Vol.1” and “Toipu Tenchan Vol.2” , my black toy poodle were also released at the same time.

There are 16 stickers for daily use, including conversations that are common among dog lovers and working families.


====LINE Stickers===

▼Two Angels” (Japanese/English)

▼Toypoo Tenchan Vol.1 (Japanese/English)

▼Toipu-Tenchan Vol.2 (Japanese/English)


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